The Post-Massacre Sighs (1)

22 Aug

The Post-Massacre Sighs (1)

Prepared and documented by : Luna Watfa

Prepared and documented by : Luna Watfa

Written by : Luna Watfa 

Translated by : Basel Watfa 

Stop filming..

That`s not what you have said during the interrogation, it`s totally different!

I could not tell the cameraman of the TV channel who was recording an interview with “terrorist” who confessedly acknowledged her charges after was threatened with her kids, that she has no clue about what had been written in her interrogation report especially in the presence of investigator during the filming session who has come closer to her while she has been dragged into the staged filming room and whispered to her ears : “ If you changed a word of what mentioned in the investigation report , you will  be seeing your kids to be tortured ahead of you” .

Remind me of what I had said in the investigation” , that was the best trick to know what was written in my investigation report, and it was the first time on that day 21/2/2014 to know the details of a testimony was attributed to me.

The presenter started reciting a scenario totally irrelevant to the bunch of charges I shouldered just to stop the physical torture I have been through. The investigator has such a fecund imagination to plot a proper story via some key words:  “chemical, photos, victims, coalition”, that fits the standards of such salacious media interviewing a “terrorist” giving her confessions.

Well then, “ you said in the investigation that you had communicated , after false news were spread accusing the regime of committing a massacre by using chemical weapons, with the so called “ A.W” who himself sent the photos and videos of victims of that alleged massacre, then you sent them to the opponent coalition to be used in the international forums. But after China and Russia had both issued a statement provides that photos are fabricated and not real, and for being a professional photographer, you examined the photos using Photoshop techniques to discover that the oral froth was none other than additions made up by Photoshop techniques, and rechecked videos as well to see in one of the scenes a man reported as martyr stood up and walked away when camera was slightly distanced, the thing that grabbed your attention and pushed you to believe they were staged scenes. Immediately, you contacted “A.W” to ask him about this point warning him that such thing would jeopardize their authenticity if someone detects them and we should stop sending more of them to the coalition because they are fabricated. But he sarcastically laughed saying that they need money to buy weapons and no other choice, you have to cooperate with us. You couldn’t keep silent and called the coalition member to whom you sent the photos for money telling him the truth, but he hasn’t given a hoot and kept publishing them”.

It’s been flabbergasting those details which poured like melted metal into my ears..! How could the investigator crochet his fake story? When did this happen? Sitting on my left side observing my reaction towards what I have just heard, knowing assuredly that such delusion he made up by all shrewdness he owns; needs my acknowledgement to transform it into a pure fact that reassures him and, consequently, blasts all otherwise facts and proofs supported with photos and videos of 800 victims by names, place of death ,and place of burying all were uploaded to my own laptop.

– Don’t you remember your sayings? Sensing me gazing shockingly, the presenter asked.

-.. I..mmmm ..No, yes I.. mmmm.

– Ok, film anew… now you remember, should I need to repeat the text?

– It’s ok… no need.

Words meant nothing but pang and floppiness squeezing my heart, raping my senses with all immorality while striving my utmost to pronounce them the way they want, but filming could not continue as they had to stop it every minute. it’s obviously proven  that I failed  to be their partner “even forcibly” raping myself, the failure that provoked the investigator to summon and insult me the next day again, and “ as I believe”  pushed them not to broadcast my interview on their TV.

I exhausted my efforts during the investigation to shoulder as much charges as possible stating that all were my own doings in order to save my friends in Eastern Ghouta who documented the massacre.

– I’m the one who documented these photos and sent them to the coalition so the entire world can see .

– So you are stating that a massacre has actually taken place!

– Here are the photos, you can see them yourself.

– Damn you bi***, you deserve execution

– Father anger (the nick name of scourger)

– Yes sir

– Lift this damn’s feet and beat her till she tells the truth

Having tortured, the agent returned me back to the dormitory. I was filled with pleasure of victory, thinking that their madness of what proven by my document exceeds the pleasure they gain from torturing a female prisoner, but investigator’s intelligence and his “fecund imagination” turned my pleasure into a feather in the wind, carried by the martyrs’ hollers, the martyrs of twenty first of August 2013.

It was another stab assassinates the post-massacre sighs, follows the first one I received from the executive director of media office of the opponent Syrian coalition.

– You are saying the national Syrian coalition, do you believe in their patriotism? The presenter asked me.

– I wished to disclose how they have treated me and handled the photos and the facts in terms of the massacre, but he wasn’t the one to tell him such details, so I just answered: that’s their name, It’s mere name not more.

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