Under The Mercy of Potentials

19 Dec


The Logo is designed by: Marco Echevarria

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words!!”

Elliott Erwitt . 1928


Pic1The orange shore where life vests turned to  be symbols of previous life, life that should be thrown back entirely. Mytilini Island- Greece 2/9/2015.

Pic5It is not a demonstration ! it is a queue of hundreds of refugees have been waiting for days to get their papers. Mytilini Island- Greece 6/9/2015.

Pic2The port in Mytilini Island- Greece 6/9/2015.

Pic3Even kids had to wait with their parents in the queue and sleep there as well. Mytilini Island- Greece 6/9/2015.

Pic4Abdullah has lost his eye in Syria but that was not sufficient excuse for Greek police to facilitate departure paper for him and his mother after waiting in the daily queue for two weeks. Mytilini Island- Greece 6/9/2015.


37Faces are very telling. Desperation of prolonged waiting . Mytilini Island- Greece 6/9/2015.


Pic6Desperation pushed refugees to demonstrate peacefully where Greek police treated them violently. Mytilini Island – Greece 6/9/2015.


PicI have been waiting in this queue since two weeks with no answer wearing the same clothes to get my papers. This what this Syrian guy from Homs told me loudly then he bitterly cried. Mytilini Island- Greece 6/9/2015.

Pic7Solving departure papers just shifted the queue to a different location where tickets are to be booked. Mytilini Island- Greece 9/9/2015.


Pic8In the way from Athens to Thessaloniki. Looking towards the unknown. Greece 10/9/2015.

These Photos  taken by Luna Watfa, were exhibited for the first time in the conference :”Regards de Migrants” which had been held in

 Nancy- France in 21-22 Nov.2015.

 And Greek2m NGO website in Greece.

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